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A2Z Trauma and Counseling Services, PLLC

Allen J Irish-Zabolotny, M.S., LPC/LPCC, NCC

Your past does not have to be your future. 

A2Z Trauma and Counseling Services, PLLC, is here to serve you.  Your life is the most valuable thing in the world. Struggling with depression, anxiety, abuse, and other distressing past events is not something you have to live with. A2Z Trauma and Counseling Services is here to help you over come some of your most troubling experiences. 

Services Offered

I practice from a person-centered approach to counseling, meaning YOU are my focus. I use many different approaches in my talk therapy with individuals. Some need a helping hand at challenging their own negative thinking patters, some need a place to talk and verbally process through their struggles, while others need to be challenged in ways that friends and family cannot do. I believe in meeting my clients where they are at and helping them to overcome their concerns.

Talk therapy is not the only means of therapy I offer to my clients. Some people are tired of talking and coping with their struggles and they choose to try Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

I have been practicing EMDR since 2016 and since that time I have been helping people reclaim their lives. I offer counseling for depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse, accidents, family/relationship issues, and life events.  Personal emotional and EMDR counseling is available to any individual who wishes to overcome the stresses and trials of life.


I want to help you get your life back by helping YOU work though your past and present struggles.


Depression & Anxiety Counseling

There are times when we need someone to walk with us to provide support, encouragement, and coping skills. If you are seeking counseling for depression, anxiety, fears/phobias, abuse, neglect, loss of a loved one or social issues, I will be that person who will support you on your path.

Friendships, Relationships and Family Issues

Our connections to other people can be difficult. We can feel not listened too, controlled, or misunderstood by family and friends. Focusing on relationships and connection with others is important to having a healthy state of mind. 

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Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Do you struggle with life events that you are scared to talk about because it might trigger you? Do you have nightmares, anxiety, fears or worries about things that have happened to you in the past? Do you struggle to move forward because flashbacks keep reminding you of the things that happened in your past? 

If this describes you, EMDR may be the ticket to a life free from the distress of your past. 

Caring for the mind is just as important and crucial as caring for the body. In fact, one cannot be healthy without the other.

From the book "Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto" by  Sid Garza-Hillman


Contact Me:

1790 32nd Ave S, Suite 2B

Fargo, ND 58103


Phone: 701-401-6117

Fax #: 701-540-0059

Billing Dept: 701-501-3758

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If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance, please call 988 for the Mental Health Crisis hotline.

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